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Architectural Review Process

Architectural Review Checklist

  • Download and review the Association Covenants and Restrictions
  • Review the requirements for the project you will be submitting
  • Confirm any permit requirements with the Village of Lily Lake 
  • Submit the Architectural Review Submission Form along with documentation about the project
  • Submit an electronic or paper plan for the proposed project. Mark-up a plat of survey with details about the project if applicable. Ensure the plan includes the following when applicable:
    • Dimensions of the project
    • Distance to lot lines, septic fields, other structures
    • Materials to be used
    • Colors if being painted
    • Landscaping added or impacted
  • Call JULIE before digging

The Architecture Review Committe will respond within 2 weeks.
Additional questions? Please contact

Commonly Asked Questions:

Q: Where do I find the HOA Covenants and Restrictions Doc?
A: There is a link to a draft version of the CCRs above. Please refer to the Kane County Recorder's web site to download an official copy (requires a download fee)