Association Documents

Please remember to contact the HOA Architectural committee for approval on any projects such as new additions, fences, roofs, exterior painting and renovation, patios, decks, & pergolas, major landscaping, etc. Please note that the HOA Covenants, Conditions and Rules do not allow sheds. Please reach out to the HOA board if you are not certain your project requires HOA approval. 


  • Please check with the Village of Lily Lake for required approval & permits
  • Please call J.U.L.I.E, where applicable

All lots, including vacant lots and swales must be mowed regularly to a height of no more than 6″. Anyone that needs the service for their lots and swales to be mowed can contact Quick Cut Lawn Service at 224.698.0737

Architectural Review Submission Form

Please contact Sue Pappano


of Northwest Property Management to obtain this form

HOA Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions

Sunset Views Phase 1 Map (Lots)